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Hey there! I'm Kevin Adam,

a 28 years old guy from Oldenburg, Germany. I gladly managed to turn one of my Hobbies into a Profession. This led me ending up as a passionate Full-Stack Software-Developer with a fondness for all kinds of JavaScript related Projects. Be it mobile, frontend or backend as long as it's not PHP I'm in.

Aside from work I highly enjoy trips into nature by going Camping, Mountainbiking or Hiking to break out of the digital bubble that consumes our everyday life.

My Experience

Work & Education


Lufthansa Industry Solutions TS GmbH

12.2019 - 12.2020

Worked as a Full-Stack JavaScript-Developer and Consultant for the Customer Volkswagen AG and participated in the development of global-scale Applications

  • Part of the agile 3D real-time rendering project modernizing the media-on-demand solution of the Online-Car-Configurator
  • Transition of professional into technical requirements and subsequent implementation
  • Quality assurance of the requirements through Cloud-Environment testing and deployments
  • Support with the introduction of automated end-to-end tests for the established frontends

Application-Developer e.K.

04.2018 - 11.2019

As a Full-Stack Java-Developer at e.K. I was able to drive forward the development of following Systems

Internship Application-Development e.K.

10.2017 - 03.2018

Internship accompanying my final thesis "Modernization of a Web-Application for the Administration and Visualization of Hotel Data" at the Trier University of Applied Sciences


B.Sc. Computer Science · Trier University of Applied Sciences

04.2014 - 10.2017

Acquisition of the academic degree Bachelor of Science with following majors

  • Development of distributed and parallel Systems
  • Mobile app development
  • IT Security
  • Seminar: TensorFlow - Convolutional Neural Networks

Modernization of a Web-Application for the Administration and Visualization of Hotel Data


  • Frontend-Development using state of the art Frameworks and Design Guidelines 
  • Backend-Development following Clean-Code-Principles 
  • Cloud-Development with AWS or Firebase 
  • Integrative End-2-End Testing with Selenium or Cypress 
  • Experience in agile interdisciplinary Teams 
  • High level of Comprehension and adaptability 


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