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Hi! I'm Kevin

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Howdy visitor! ✌️

I'm Kevin Adam, 31 years old living abroad in my campervan. I used to live in Oldenburg, Germany but decided to start a life as a digital nomad. I managed to turn one of my hobbies into a profession which resulted in becoming a passionate Full-Stack Software-Developer with a fondness for all kinds of web based projects. Be it mobile, frontend or backend you can count me in.

Aside from work I highly enjoy trips into nature by going camping, cycling or hiking to break out of the digital bubble that consumes our everyday life.

Let's bring your vision to life, one line of code at a time by getting in touch! ✉️


What Professions • Education did I receive?

Freelance Software developer

Kevelopment - Software Development and Consulting

since 03.2021

As a results-driven freelance software and web developer, I specialize in transforming digital landscapes through cutting-edge frontend solutions. With extensive expertise in modern Frameworks, I craft seamless and engaging user experiences that resonate with modern design principles.

My unique value proposition lies in the ability to seamlessly navigate both frontend and backend realms. On the frontend, I harness the power of React to build dynamic and responsive interfaces that captivate users. Implementing rigorous testing methodologies, including End-To-End and Visual Regression Testing, ensures the durability and performance of the applications I develop. In tandem, I bring robust backend capabilities to the table, leveraging technologies like Nestjs or Spring Boot coupled with State-Of-The-Art Database foundations. This dual proficiency empowers me to architect and maintain scalable infrastructures.

With a proven track record of successful projects, I bring a wealth of experience and innovation to every client engagement. Elevate your digital presence with a freelance developer who excels in User-Interface-Design while seamlessly managing the intricacies of application scalability – let's bring your vision to life, one line of code at a time.


Lufthansa Industry Solutions TS GmbH

12.2019 - 12.2020

Worked as a Full-Stack JavaScript-Developer and Consultant for the Customer Volkswagen AG and participated in the development of global-scale Applications

  • Part of the agile 3D real-time rendering project modernizing the media-on-demand solution of the Online-Car-Configurator
  • Transition of professional into technical requirements and subsequent implementation
  • Quality assurance of the requirements through Cloud-Environment testing and deployments
  • Support with the introduction of automated end-to-end tests for the established frontends

Application-Developer e.K.

04.2018 - 11.2019

As a Full-Stack Java-Developer at e.K. I was able to drive forward the development of following Systems

  • Participant Management System moreEvent
  • Hotelbooking-Engine moreDirect


B.Sc. Computer Science · Trier University of Applied Sciences

04.2014 - 10.2017

Acquisition of the academic degree Bachelor of Science with following majors

  • Development of distributed and parallel Systems
  • Mobile app development
  • IT Security
  • Machine Learning (TensorFlow, Convolutional Neural Networks)

Modernization of a Web-Application for the Administration and Visualization of Hotel Data


Which Qualifications • Frameworks • Tools can I bring into your project?

  • ReactNext.jsReactGatsby
    State of the Art Frontend-Development 
  • NestJSSpring (Boot)PrismaPostgreSQLMongodb
    Clean-Code Backend-Development 
  • AWSHerokuVercel
  • GitGithubFigmaDockerGraphQLJira
    Modern Technologies 
  • TypeScriptJavaScript / Node.js
    Commonly used languages 
  • PlaywrightCypress.ioJestSelenium
    Integrative End-2-End Testing 
  • Experienced Team player 
  • Agile Mindset: Kanban, Scrum and SAFe 


What Products • Projects • Partners have I supported?

hitcap application

© Hitcap eSports GmbH

ReactAWS AmplifyAWS DynamoDBAmazon Web Services (AWS)Riot API

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